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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Fitzgerald Brown

I am an african american male and a blogger, I got into the idea of blogging after writing and publishing my first book, The Gospel Truth: Notes of An African American on the Run, which was published in 2004.

Now since writing my book, I have come to understand that the reasons Blacks are underrepresented by mainstream media is the same as the reason Blacks are underrepresentated in the workplace, at colleges, and etc., I attribute this to results of slavery legacy. A legacy of misrepresentation leading to mistrust and a lack of faith and misopportunities - however, I do believe we must continue the fight of the faithful and remain hopeful.

If you want to hear more from a black voice visit my page at www.fitzgeraldbrown.nl or www.blackangelfish.

George Anderson

I am an African American and a blogger. Should I blog relative to issues of race? My blog is a small business blog: "Notes From The World Of Anger Management" This happens to be the most powerful blog in this tiny niche market.
I have successfully dominated a lucrative niche market which is not really related to race. Can I be included as an African American or Brown Blogger?


It is very hard getting the word out if you have a so called “black weblog”

Lester Spence

Neither Ron Walters nor Donna Brazile are bloggers...though they may actually HAVE blogs. Walters is a full professor of political science at UMD College Park, and Donna Brazile is a Democratic operative. Correcting actually enhances the central points of the article rather than detracting from them.

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