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Friday, July 23, 2004





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S. McN

Hi Chris,
Heard you on C-SPAN this morning. Mike and I really enjoyed your comments. Keep up the great work! Susan

Alfred J. Middleton

Chris,I caught you on C-span this morning and was moved to say the least. My family tree has Rabb listed and maybe we share a common heritage. Alabama is my home, and I have Relatives living practically the World over. Some of my Relatives - - the Pierces in Chicago own businesses, and my youngest Son was reared in Chicago. After the Convention is over please reply with hopefully an invitation for us to meet at your convenience. I WILL GLADLY

I am very impressed with your Web Site. Thanks.


...so,what individuals are lined up for you to interview at the Convention? Or, will you just use your credentials as a way to hob-nob with the,"beautiful people",of the DNC;then,ask well-meaning,yet thoughtful questions? P.S.: I have to agree with Jan when it comes to reading a person's blog.


hey Chris,
I am excited to know that you will post all the news from "jackass central" that's fit to print...
your cousin-in-law,

Carolyn Armenta Davis

With Afro-Netizen an official blogger for 2004
Democratic convention, Blacks and other enlighten nes have uncensured opportunties to read uncensured opinion from the Blacks both attending and involved in the convention and those of us at home preparing to vote in November.


Chris, in reading the Newsday piece I see you're from Philly. Me, too ... and I hope we can connect in Boston. I'll miss Monday but arrive Tuesday. Email me and we can connect.


Best of luck! Look forward to hearing the non-commercialized people. Their opinions are much closer to what most of us would feel or at least your take would inspire response.
The best bloggers, even when not agrred with, have candor and you can connect with some of the points made on some grounds. Prometheus6 has a blog that does that.

He linked you here. Enjoy the convention!

Jan Theodore Galkowski

Yo from one more "whitie" who treasures your blog! (Is *that* how "whitie" is spelt? Looks odd...)

Actually, when I read blogs I want the blogger to put some of themselves into it. I don't want some overcooked, basted, well-suited, and impeccably coifed personage reading me pablum.

I treasure a Different Point Of View. (See http://ted.hyperland.com/notherview/.)

Alas, I'm a nerd. Pretty natural about it, 'though. (;-)}

Best of luck in Beantown!


-- Jan


Hmm....I wonder how many African Americans are going to be blogging from Boston. So far, I only count two!

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