Lark Corbeil

Chris and family,

It's hard to imagine our world surviving the loss of a woman who could give ON THAT LEVEL for a lifetime.

And yet, perhaps her greatest legacy is still to come as her children and children's children and all the people she has helped along the way--help us all face, surmount and transform the challenges that may seem insurmountable in these times.

My prayers and gratitude to your grandmother and your family, Chris.

Sincerely, Lark

Richard Muhammad

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your grandmother. I lost my grandmother several years ago. She was about as close of perfection in the way that she lived her life and the things, important things, that she taught me that have helped me live my life. I take comfort in the lessons she imparted and remember her example, her kindness, her love, her wisdom, her devotion, her spirit. All of those things buoy me and I hope those same things will hold you up as well. Your grandmother is always near so long as she lives in your memory and deeds and actions. Let me know if I can do anything in some small way,
Your brother,
Richard Muhammad

Julieanna Richardson

Dear Murphy/Rabb family:

With this death, another library burns. My condolences on your loss.

Julieanna Richardson

Stephanie Roberts

Madeline, Maurice and Chris,

I see so much of her in all of you. How blessed we all are to have been touched by her spirit. May you find comfort in knowing that she has returned home.

Much love,
Stephanie Roberts

Joe Duff

Dear Wheeler/Murphy/Rabb Family,

Madeline was not just the glue that held the family together, but she was glue-mixed polymer that makes the bonds even faster, stronger, and more brilliant! We will miss her, but we know that she knew of and worked on generational legacy all the time. Her light will shine in all of us, generation to generation.

Richard Gibson

Dear Chris and all the Murphy/Rabb/Wheeler family,

Please accept my condolences at the loss of a great woman whom I regret not knowing better than I did, meeting only at some Howard-Holland family reunions with her wonderful husband, my cousin Judge William H.Murphy Sr. They were a great couple, and I respected her in particular as a hard-working, committed progressive who had political courage. I was grateful for her daring column exposing the racism that festered in the now unlamented "German Democratic Republic" in East Germay. She was a fighter for truth as well as for social democratic ideals. She will be missed and fondly remembered!

Mr. Kim H. Robinson

From Mr. Kim Howard Robinson
(One of Madeline W. Murphy Grand Son's)Mrs. Patricia Murphy Robinson's Son)

Thank you all for your messages and sincere condolences on behalf of my Grand Mother.

Everyone leaves a deep part of their human experiences with people they meet and shared experiences.

Here in Turkey, we say in Turkish "Basin sagolsun!" ( May she remain alive!).

In Best Wishes & Prayers,

Kim Howard Robinson

Actually she was my second Grand Aunty but we called her "Grand Ma"in our hearts!

Andrea Wheeler

I remember singing with Aunt Babe, her laugh of magnitude sounded like the female version of my father, her brother-'Couchie',comments on her painting class,

Andi: Aunt Babe, do you practice on days you don't have painting class?

Aunt Babe: NAHHHHHHHHH! Just the 1hr on Fridays.


I remember after her stroke going to the hospital and combing out the knot in the back. I was glad she let me. Uncle Bill watched from the chair by the hospital bed. She smiled.


I loved how she was able to rethink her position.

I made a meatloaf and brought it over to Roland Park. Uncle Bill made the veggies and rice. Aunt Babe waved her hand and reassured me that she was not hungry; she didn't have much of an appetite lately. I carved a small piece off the loaf, before I could remove it from the table she said she would have another piece. I loved that!!! Thank you!! I will miss her greatly.

Andrea Wheeler

Joia Jefferson Nuri


I was so saddened when I heard of your mother's death. I lost a close family member last year. I so deeply sympathize with you and your family. Your mother will always be with you. She had a great oppotunity to see her children grow into fine upstanding adults--that's any mother's dream. Hang in there.

Love always,


ori t. shabazz

Family, friends and former associates gathered at 225 N. Charles St. to make known their feelings and offer special praise to Mrs. Madeline W. Murphy.

During the late 70s I was a high schooler at Carver. I recall being excited about watching Square Off. Mrs. Murphy was a regular on Square Off and I, a regular viewer. I watched Square Off because of Ms. Murphy, everyone else was abrasive with us. Mrs. Murphy, on the other hand, I felt spoke for us.

At the Memorial for Mrs. Murphy, clips from different films of her life were played. On all of the clips she was advocating for the poor and impoverished. I always knew Mrs. Murphy was my advocate that’s why I was present for her Memorial.

It is truly a pleasure having had known her, even from afar.

I really wanted to say thanks to Mrs. Murphy at the Memorial. Wanted the family to know Mrs. Murphy’s work was not in vein. Thanks to Mrs. Murphy, Thanks for being strong. Thanks for advocating for us when not many did. Thanks for being the Shining example. Thanks for demonstrating true advocacy.

Now I’m one of the many advocates and I pledge to fight the good fight, like Mrs. Murphy did, until the end.

Peace and Blessings to Mrs. Madeline Wheeler Murphy; the world is a better place because of You.

ori t. shabazz


Gingi Wingard

My fondest memory of Babe was of a summer in the 80's when my sister and I visited her and Judge Murphy in Baltimore. I was probably a preteen at the time. She immediately put us in the car and drove us around the community, making introductions and the like. We ended at an elementary school where she read to a group of students. I think about the lessons I learned that day-- about a responsiblity to enrich my community, the importance of literacy, and the necessity to have a solid opinion and act upon my convictions. The sense of pride and commitment she had stays with me to this day. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why I am an educator and community activist.
I will pass this responsibility on to my four girls, and Babe's legacy will continue. Thank you Babe! You will be missed.

John L.Wheeler

In your time of sadness, thoughts of heartfelt sympathy are with you on your loss. May you find comfort in the memories that are yours to cherish always, and to the legacy she leaves.

From our hearts to yours,

The family of John L. Wheeler

Houston Wheeler Murphy

A few gifts I received from Mom:

Always remember and embrace where you came from – your family, history, ancestral, cultural, and political roots and learn about these same things from the people that you meet. Spend more time listening, learning and reading than speaking… Travel the world to broaden your understanding of your place in the world and the conditions under which others live. View the world and government with a critical eye.

It is your job to work for social justice however you are able to do so. Remember that the system’s foundations are racist. Work for positive change. Make public and elected officials accountable to the people they serve. Mentor, regularly perform community service and give back as much or more than you take. Each according to his ability; each according to his needs.

Know your facts! Use proper spelling, composition, grammar, and word meanings. Do not guess. If you do not know something, shut the hell up until you can look it up. Double check your facts. Facts do not change, opinions do. Just because you heard something does not necessarily mean it is true. Do not spread rumors or gossip. Seek the appropriate words to convey the exact meaning for your thought. Make no assumptions. (Babe did not tolerate lies, dishonesty, sloppiness, laziness, poor workmanship, ill treatment, wishy-washiness, and other failings and character flaws and taught us that we should not display these flaws nor tolerate these flaws in others.)

Acquire and nurture a full appreciation for all of the arts and incorporate the arts in your daily life. Support artists.

Do not be boastful, glib or superficial. Have compassion for the poor, down trodden, deformed and those less fortunate than you. It is ok to share what you have but it is far better to encourage and teach people how not to be dependent and acquire the skills to attain success for themselves. Treat people honestly and fairly. Remember, by the grace of God go I.

Never compromise on your values, principles, and convictions. Temper all your decisions by your conscience. Listen to and obey that little voice inside your head that comes from the spiritual good. You know it when you hear it.

Have an opinion and be able to support that opinion with sound facts and logic.

Never talk down to anyone – even children. (She made exceptions: arrogant or corrupt public officials, community servants who abused their power, spoiled and ill-mannered children, and condescending people.)

Humans are, at their root, spiritual beings. No child is ever to be neglected or left behind. Every child is born with an already developed spirit that is to be nurtured and channeled but not broken. God endows each of us with certain gifts specific to the individual. It is up to us to find out what that gift is, develop it, and share that gift with others. Do not neglect or squander your gifts.
During a child’s formative years, the parent is always the parent, not the child’s friend. That is not to say that the parent should not be friendly – it is just that the parent is responsible for making all the adult decisions; the child is responsible for obeying the parent. Do not let a child divide the decisions of the parents. Do not reward a child for bad manners or bad behavior. Praise and reward good behavior. Do not allow a child to be disruptive of adult affairs. Teach children patience and respect. Spare the rod, spoil the child – this was as true for our friends and relatives as it was her children. Love your children unconditionally. Lead children by example.

There is a personal experience with Mom that goes along with each of the above thoughts. It is with fond recollection that I share them with you.

Freager Williams

My condolences and prayers to your family. Mrs. Murphy was such a dynamic person and with her passing, the world loses a proud, committed, witty intellectual. But let us always remember that she lives on through all of you. Mrs. Murphy is survived by a phenomenal family, and that is her lasting gift to the world, indeed. My love to you all.

Valerie Smith-Madden

Art, Billy and family,

With the death of your beloved mother, we have lost someone who fought for those unable to fight for themselves and a champion for the underdog. As we celebrate her life, let us continue her good works, displaying her same indomitable spirit and care for others.

Emma &Cecil Talbott

To the Murphy/Rabb Family:
Our deepest sympathy in the passing of your dear mother, grandmother. She was quite a remarkable woman and has certainly passed her strength down to the next generation(s).

She has left you an incredible legacy upon which to build.

Emma & Cecil Talbott

aaron keith wilkes

madeline wheeler murphy was for young people who grew up in the1970's as idid a tremendous inspiration a role model at a time when that term was not widely in use.i grew up in east baltimore i was told by her on square off that i had a great deal to offer this society and not allow whites or the black upper class to tell me other wise.


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