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Bill Curtis

My name is Bill Curtis, residing in Baltimore, MD and I am interested in assisting your need for content/ concise/ well researched/ articulated articles.

Since the 80s, my commentary and book reviews have been published in various local and out-of-town papers, and self-published through my own efforts on the internet.

Last week Dr. Naim Akbar spoke in this area twice and I attended both lectures. His talk inspired me so (or kicked me so in the pants) that I launched my own blog last night http://blackmind.blogspot.com/

Perhaps I can be of help to you.

My web entrepreneur activities include

(Sells "franchise" for a person to have their own Reseller business in web hosting, domain name registration and web tools)

(Sells Watkins spices, extracts and other products, and offers persons a low cost business opportunity to start their own business with Watkins products)

(The world famous "I Love Being Black" button. Great fundraising item. I also print custom buttons in color.)

(Domain and website services and web tools at reasonable prices)

Bill Curtis

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