Custom web surveying.

Leveraging its robust web surveying solutions, Visceral Ventures can design, implement, and administrate simple to complex surveys for you and/or your clients.

The price for this service starts at $500 for a minimum of 5 questions, 50 respondents, and no filters. However, the greater the survey length, duration, complexity and number of respondents, the higher the price.

Click here to take a look at a sample web survey our firm designed and administrated for a 111-year old weekly newspaper.

E-mail promotion via the Afro-Netizen eNewsletter.

Visceral Ventures' online property, The Afro-Netizen eNewsletter, is the web-based vehicle to reach educated, upscale African-Americans in the top U.S. markets nationwide.

Afro-Netizen is the oldest and largest e-mail-based news aggregator on the Internet. Founded in 1999, this e-newsletter transmits substantive news and information about issues of greatest relevance to people of African descent. For more information about the demographics and psychographics of Afro-Netizen's readership, please download this PowerPoint slide.

Pricing for the design, implementation, and distribution of promotional content via the Afro-Netizen eNewsletter is based on 1) the frequency of promotions within a given period of time (usually within a 30-day timeframe), 2) the placement of the promotion within the e-newsletter, and 3) the exclusivity of message (i.e., will your promotion be the only one featured within the e-newsletter, within a specific market/industry, etc.).

Click here to receive a project estimate.

E-mail marketing administration.

As with promotion via the Afro-Netizen eNewsletter, we can create and distribute e-newsletters on your behalf to whatever e-mail lists you or your clients may wish. Naturally, Visceral Ventures will not rent, sell, or otherwise share e-mail addresses and/or identity data belonging to any of our clients (or their clients) unless an explicit, written agreement dictates otherwise.

Pricing for these services depends on the size of the e-mail list you wish to export into a new e-newsletter, the frequency of e-mail transmissions, and the duration of each e-mail campaign. However, the basic set-up fee for a "populated" e-newsletter is $1,000. ("Populated" means an e-newsletter with actual e-mail recipients as opposed to creation of an e-newsletter template which does not include e-mail addresses.)

Click here to view the type of results you will have access to in order to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of your promotion.

Click here to view a sample of aggregate data for multiple e-newsletter transmissions within a given e-mailed-based promotional campaign. This set of data would be contained and clarified within reports we would generate for you and/or your clients during and/or after the successful execution of an e-mail promotional campaign.

There is a one-time set-up fee included within the basic $250-package which covers up to 5 questions and up to 50 respondents. (As a point of reference, a custom web survey containing 10 questions and 500 respondents would start at $500.)

Clients who wish to use two or more of the above services in an integrated fashion will receive a package discount based on the scale of their project.