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Ken Barry

Sorry for being late in checking emails, but I want to put in a very quick two cents.

I support ethnic counselors. At the very least, those who need them the most have a designated person to seek out. The nature of cultural associations may not provide the level of individuality and confidentiality that may be warranted involving culture shock issues.

Regarding PROP (aka cultural whatever), I have a different view from a very personal perspective. As a pre-frosh, I applied to PROP, but did not make the cut-off; there was only a limited number of admits. Upon entering Yale, I was amazed at the number of cliques that had already formed by Day One. Reading the YDN article in dispute, that was the one point that truly hit home. Unlike a minority weekend, virtually open to anyone who chooses, PROP was not as inclusive. I firmly believe that if it is not available to everyone who affirmatively chooses to be there, it should not be available at all.

Eventually, such cliques dissipated after time (I hope). However, considering the formative impact of such an institution, this should be addressed. Imagine walking into Old Commons and all the frosh tables already set wearing a nametag "My name is..."!

I'm not bitter, I don't need therapy, and I'm not asking us to all hold hands and "consider the children!" Graduating from Yale, I was much more of a mature individual than upon entering. However, if you want to talk about PROP, (and I'm not sure if availabilty has changed now), think about it!

My two cents plus Yale interest!

P.S. - If anyone is interviewing potential Yalies, remember the deadline! Not sure if it's the same for everybody, in London it's March 1st. Those interested for next year or so contact your local Alumni chapter. You can do this almost anywhere worldwide!

Ken Barry
CC-97 Columbia Law '02

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